An honest review of South Hill Designs Jewelry and Lockets

Looking for more facts about South Hill Designs Jewelry?

Chances are you’ve recently heard about a company called South Hill Designs Jewelry, and you are doing your due diligence in researching and finding out more about it before diving into this business venture as an Artist with South Hill Designs.

South Hill Designs Jewelry Lockets logoNow, as any responsible and smart business owners would do… it is only prudent to take a closer, objective (I have zero personal affiliation with the company) look at South Hill Designs Jewelry, its product offerings, its compensation plan and…

LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST… how to actually promote and expand the business, before you sign your name on the dotted line of South Hill Designs’ Artist contract.

(Always Remember: Anyone can easily become an Artist for South Hill Designs Jewelry, but to become profitable… it is critical you treat it as a REAL business, not a hobby.)

The rude awakening, however, is that an OVERWHELMING majority of the direct selling industry do not make any money because they simply never take their business seriously, or they do not know how to properly promote the business.

South Hill Designs Jewelry Artists are no exception to this.

From my research, there is most definitely an excellent earning potential in the South Hill Designs Jewelry business opportunity, and you just might become the next top income earner in South Hill Designs if you learn the right way to market and promote your business, roll up the sleeves, and get busy with it.

We’ll talk about marketing and promotion later on, but let’s first take a deeper look into the company called South Hill Designs Jewelry.

South Hill Designs: Company History

South Hill Designs storySouth Hill Designs Jewelry was originally founded in Scottsdale, Arizona, in October 2012 by Joe Ochoa and Brian Palmer.

According to a press release issued by the company on February 26th, 2013: “There are now over 650 Artists operating in 48 states, hosting or organizing socials where customers select their pieces and create their jewelry together.”

South Hill Designs officially fully launched its business opportunity on February 25th, 2013

You can find more information about South Hill Designs Jewelry on the company’s official website,

South Hill Designs Jewelry: Executive Management Team

Brian Palmer, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Joe Ochoa, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Brian Palmer and Joe Ochoa co-founded South Hill Designs Jewelry in October, 2012 in Scottsdale, Arizona. They share a history of success in corporate America, with backgrounds in sales & marketing, information systems, and product management.

Tamara Ochoa, Director of Design

Mother and homemaker, Tamara Ochoa contributes her artistic gifts as Director of Design.

Amy Faircloth, Director of Sales & Marketing

Amy Faircloth brings her years of leadership in the party plan world with her to South Hill Designs.

(Source: South Hill Designs official website and PR Web)

South Hill Designs Jewelry: Product Offerings

south hill designs lockets and other products

Lockets                         Screens                     Droplets                    Chains

South Hill Designs large gold locket South Hill Designs gold cross screen South Hill Designs anchor droplet South Hill Designs 6.5mm rolo gold chain

South Hill Designs Jewelry: Compensation Plan

South Hill Designs compensationThe South Hill Designs Jewelry compensation plan offers

  • Up to 40% commissions
  • Management and Executive bonuses
  •  Lifestyle Bonuses starting at Director level
  • Recognition and incentives
  • Unlimited earnings on team sales

According to the website of a South Hill Designs independent artist , the commission payout “starts out at 20% going up to 40% with up to 5% on downline.”

South Hill Designs does not seem to disclose details of its compensation plan on the company website. I found the compensation plan information on this page on, which encourages you to contact an independent artist for further details.

South Hill Designs Jewelry: What To Do NEXT?

With the above facts, South Hill Designs Jewelry seems to be a very new, hip and obviously female focused business opportunity… and I believe it offers one of the more unique product lines in direct sales.

With that being said, there are a couple of crucial factors that will affect the outcome AND income of a South Hill Designs artist, or an independent distributor of any network marketing / direct sales business opportunity, for that matter.

South Hill Designs compounding growthEvery direct selling profession needs to know how to market, and most certainly… have PEOPLE that they can market their company’s products and business opportunity to.

I’ve personally learned my ropes the hard way myself that “the plan” is for illustration purposes only… and when rubber meets the road, you need to be prepare yourself to face an entirely different set of challenges.

In my first direct selling company where I sponsored around 30 people personally, and with some duplication the team grew to roughly 120 people. That produced an average of $2,500 a month for me.  It was 30 people, not the 6 people my upline mentors had suggested, that got me those results. About a year after that was when I learned the art and science of marketing on the Internet via blogging, and it became the difference that made ALL the difference.

Today my business (not South Hill Designs Jewelry) generates as much as $24,700 in monthly income while I work under 20 hours per week in my business.

My business partner Rob and I have a simple, 5-Step proven formula that we have used to create EIGHT different 6-figure and multiple 6-figure businesses online since 1997.  When applied to the direct selling space, this formula was responsible for generating over 2,000 paying customers and $460,000 in sales in my first network marketing company… on complete autopilot.

I’d like to share this never-fail, 5-Step Formula with you so you can bring in more traffic, leads (i.e. real people), sales and an exploding team in your South Hill Designs Jewelry business.

Thanks for your leadership,

South Hill Designs Jewelry

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