ARIIX review – Has Tim Sales made the right decision?

ARIIX Review – Company History & Leadership

ARIIX review pictureSurprise!!! There’s a new cat in town in the MLM world!

Repeat that once a day for a year and that’s probably how many new companies are formed in our industry each year. (Warning: that’s my educated guess. Call the DSA if you want more accurate figures)

ARIIX officially launched on July 1st, 2011 and certainly made some noise!

ARIIX was founded by a group of former USANA corporate executives

– Fred Cooper (Chief Executive Officer/C.E.O., formerly USANA President & C.O.O.),

– Jeffrey Yates (Chief Financial Officer/C.F.O., formerly USANA C.F.O.),

– Mark Wilson (President, formerly USANA V.P. of Sales), and

– Riley Timmer (Chief Operating Officer/C.O.O., formerly USANA V.P. of Finance)

This certainly sounds like a very strong group of people who know how to get some things done in the MLM industry, on the corporate side at least.

Since all of them worked in the same company together before, I suspect there is a decent amount of team chemistry within this group.

As far as field leadership, they successfully recruited long-time MLM trainer and one of NuSkin’s very top distributors, Mr. Tim Sales as the company’s master distributor.

Tim’s experience and his chest of training tools will probably provide some excellent foundation for ARIIX distributors to stand on.

That’s the good news.

What about the bad news?

Read on…

ARIIX Review – The Products

ARIIX’s website currently lists 5 products in its catalog:






Since the company is just a few days old, there really isn’t much data about these products… even on their official website.

That leads me to believe that ARIIX was launched in a hurry.

Let’s revisit this in a few months.

ARIIX Review – Compesnation

The compensation plan that ARIIX uses for profit sharing with its distributors appears to be a modified binary.

If you are very analytical and craze the details, you can read the compensation below:

ARIIX Review – Criticism

It appears that the corporate founding members left USANA in a hurry… together and launched the new company in a very short time.


I guess only they know.

There is enough speculation and people saying all kinds of negative things about these guys on the web just in the last month or so.

Just hear-says and gossips.

What I found the most interesting is that Tim Sales decided to leave NuSkin (or risk being terminated from… this is my speculation and has NOT been verified) to join ARIIX.

And get this… he came OUT OF A 10-YEAR RETIREMENT of being inactive in the field to do it all over again, in a NEW company.

I am not close friends with Tim, but I like his style and respect that his reputation as a leader in the industry… plus he’s written a few great blog posts here on Build A Magnetic Network (big plus).

I am very sure money has something to do with it.

Hey we live in a capitalist country (uh… pretty much the whole world, too) so don’t believe anyone who said it’s not about the money.

Money is part of it, but certainly not all of it since there’s plenty of money to be made elsewhere, too, and they seemed to have made at least *some* money during their tenures with USANA.


ARIIX Review – Conclusion

Please understand that I am not a self-appointed police of the MLM industry… far from it.

If you read the about page you’ll see my exact experience in the industry and my track record.

There are people in the industry that are far more involved and in-the-know on the corporate side of things than me.

People like Mr. Troy Dooly and George Fourie.

Check out their sites as well if you’re passionate about the industry.

Now I’ll end with this.

I suspect the corporate executives leaving USANA… and this new company ARIIX were results of some type of power struggle within USANA, which is publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange, and the reality that typical corporate America culture not mixing well with the entrepreneurial culture of the MLM industry.

Or could it be that USANA investors “secretly” want to go out and start another “brand” in the same industry like Oxyfresh and 21TEN?

Whatever the case, I surely hope that no law suit will ever be filed and hard-working distributors in the field from both USANA and ARIIX don’t get hurt from this;¬†however, I can only hope…

If you decide that Ariix is the right business opportunity for you, please understand that there are two things that will take you to the top in this industry: LEADERSHIP and MARKETING.  It is crucial that you get the right training and learn exactly what to do to have a steady, if not unlimited supply of prospects to come to you.  The difference between top earners and those that spin the wheel to no end is the direct result of mastering those two areas. Find out how to Create More Cashflow and Sponsor More Reps In Ariix.

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  1. Andy says

    Usana is better off without them……by the way Usana has had it’s biggest gains after they left!

    They were the wrong people for Usana and Fred’s leadership was way wrong for Usana. Usana will now thrive with him out of the way. Time to get back to the original vision of Dr. Wentz!

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