Interview with David Wood, co-founder of Empower Network

So… David Wood hit me up on Skype

one sunny Tuesday afternoon in mid-October and asked me

“Hey man, how far is Singapore from Taiwan?”

“About 4 hours by flight? What’s up?” I replied curiously…

“Oh, I’m on my way there for an event. Wanna come with me?” Dave said.

Well guess what? Less than 48 hours later I was sitting red wine with David in Singapore.

As David and I sat down to record this interview (@ the Mandarin Orchard Hotel… it was quite nice), we had a slew of challenges getting this interview recorded. We had t think on our feet as we all forgot to bring a tripod or anything close to tripod to hold up the HD camcorder… so we ended up creating an apparatus with a chair with an upside-down coffee table stacked on top of it, and then we placed a box right in the middle of the 4 legs and stuffed the camcorder inside the box with some towels right behind it to keep it from tilting backwards. Whew…

I mean… can you imagine that… a wild mountain-man with crazy hair and eyes in a worn-out t-shirt, a pair of shorts and flip-flops… sipping Cabernet Sauvignon…).

Ok ok, back to the interview.

Behind the scenes of this interview with David Wood

Oh yeah, in addition to that his partner David Sharpe kept calling during the interview, all while Ashley, David’s wife was laying on the floor right in front of us getting a neck cracked by her massage therapist as we were filming. How fun!

For me, this is absolutely THE most interesting interview I’ve done with anyone.

This interview with David Wood is about

learning profound lessons from David’s experiences and past mistakes to finally making it big in our industry… and he does so with his personal flare and style! I call this “dream big, there will be struggles but the victory is even sweeter!

Seriously, just think about how he went from being a homeless guy sleeping in a green 1996 Dodge Caravan with his wife on the beaches of Hawaii to now collecting over $300,000 per month on a regular basis.

I say that is butt-kicking awesomeness :-)

David’s story is one of my all-time favorite “rags-to-riches” tales in the our industry.

Dream ENORMOUS and never, never give up,

Empower Network David Wood

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