Legit or Scam? bHIP Global business and products review

Doing research on bHIP Global?

bHIP B:hip logoFantastic! That’s exactly what any SMART and SERIOUS entrepreneur should do before becoming bHIP Global member / distributor / IBO / brand partner / representative. Regardless when you last heard about bHIP Global… be it a few minutes, days, weeks or even months ago –

Taking a closer, unbiased (I am not affiliated with bHIP Global in any way) look at bHIP Global, its product offerings, its compensation plan and… LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST… how to actually market and expand YOUR bHIP Global business should you decide to pursue it… would be more than worth your time.

Remember: Becoming a distributor of bHIP Global is the easy part. If you want to make SERIOUS money with it, treat it as a real, million-dollar business.

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Before we go any further though, here is a rude awakening for you (No sugarcoating here) – the VAST MAJORITY of bHIP Global distributors do not make much, if any money at all… Why? Because most see their business as hobby or another social thing to do… instead of a serious, profitable enterprise,

And they most likely do not understand how to effectively promote their bHIP Global business.

bHIP’s compensation plan most definitely indicates an impressive earning potential in the bHIP Global business opportunity. And YOU may as well become the next top income earner in bHIP Global, if you learn the right way to promote the business, roll up the sleeves, get busy and get things done. Success stories such as Maša ?emažar is a testament to that.

About 95% of all businesses go out of business within 5 years of operation for a variety of reasons according to The SBA (Small Business Administration), and this alarming number is WAY worse in our industry of home based business / network marketing / MLM / direct sales…

However, there is hope.

But before we get into the information that can literally put YOU in the top 2% earners of the industry while the other 98% goes on forever to spin the wheel, again and again… let’s first take a closer look at the bHIP Global opportunity first.

bHIP Global: Company History

bHIP Global company historybHIP Global’s global headquarters are located in Melissa, Texas.

The company was founded in 2007 by entrepreneur Terry LaCore and launched into the energy drink industry before expanding its product lines.

bHIP Global is currently operating in 37 countries and territories, including USA, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, Italy, The United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

bHIP Global: Executive Management Team

Terry LaCore, CEO and Founder

bHIP founder Terry LaCoreTerry LaCore is the founder of bHIP Global and has served as the Chief Executive Officer since its inception.one Mr. LaCore is “one of the best-known entrepreneurs of this century’s network marketing revolution. He is admired around the world for his candor, integrity and innovation as he forges ahead into the next era of his profession.”


Jennifer LaCore, CFO Worldwide

bHIP CFO Jennifer LacoreJennifer LaCore has over five years of network marketing experience. With a diverse corporate financial background, she oversees the complexities of a rapidly expanding global business. Jennifer is passionate about her family and baseball.

(source: http://www.bhipglobal.us/CorporateTeam.aspx


bHIP Global: Products

bHIP Global offers products in five major categories.

Take a quick glance at bHIP Global’s official website you will find the following categories of products:

  1. DNA Repair – Anti aging skincare and supplementsbHIP DNA Repair products
  2. Energy Fitness – Energy and fitness enhancing powder packets
    bHIP Energy Fitness product
  3. Health Wellness – Liquid vitamins and nutritional supplementsbHIP Health Wellness product
  4. Personal Care – Sexual response enhancing lubricant and skin, hair and nail supplement.bHIP Personal Care product
  5. Weight Management – Weight management system and supplements.bHIP Weight Management System

If you are interested in gathering more detailed information about bHIP Global’s products, please visit http://www.bhipglobal.us/Products.aspx

bHIP Global: Compensation Plan

bHIP Global has what appears to be an enhanced binary. It is a bit complex to try to explain everything in detail here, but here is a summary –

  1. Retail Profit – Pays out a 30% commission on the personally recruited retail customer orders.
  2. Qualification Bonus – 1-time $50 bonus by sponsoring 2 active members, 1 left and 1 right.
  3. Direct Bonus – 1-time $11, $45 or $150 bonus for each personally sponsored member above the associate level.
  4. Team Bonus – 10% of the lesser leg volume and pays up to $30,000/week.
  5. Leadership Bonuses – Leadership MATCHING, DIFFERENTIAL and LIFE-STYLE bonuses. This rewards leaders who help other leaders succeed.

You can check out the detailed compensation plan of bHIP Global at: http://www.bhipglobal.us/PDF/corp_opportunity_compdetails.pdf

bHIP Global: What To Do NEXT?

As mentioned earlier in this review, there are a few simple “secrets” that will affect the outcome of your business AND your income whether you decide to join bHIP Global or another business opportunity.

The typical “plan” or “pitch” a corporate or field leader in the industry usually emphasizes the concept of a penny doubling every day… which goes something like this:

1 > 2 > 4 > 8 > 16 > 32 > 64 . . . > over 1 MILLION distributors

If you sponsor just 2, who sponsor 2, who sponsor 2, etc.

YUP, the compounding effect IS absolutely a powerful concept in and by itself! Yet what we have to realize is it doesn’t usually work out the way it is presented from stage because we are dealing with human beings with various backgrounds, different levels of education, self-esteem, income and outlooks on life, etc. 😉

Ooops.. sorry to burst your bubble… but this is the reality, and YES, there IS hope.

The simple truth is that for duplication to kick in in a big way, you need to personally recruit around 50 – 100 people in the life of your career with a company to see significant results – say, an additional $100,000 or more annually.

bHIP Global how to build it

Now, let’s say you sponsor 100 people personally. Of the people in that group of 100, anywhere between 5 to 15 people will actually duplicate and sponsor additional members or customers like you did, and the rest of the group are almost always product users who very very infrequently share the products or the business opportunity with others.

And once you sponsor enough people, then it’s all about your team’s culture and leadership to develop and keep the people there.

All in all, in the beginning phase of your business… it’s about hustling, working hard and smart to get whatever results you can.

This means, LEADS… or the SIZE OF YOUR LIST, and the quality of the relationship you build with that list is the game-changer.

Perhaps you will learn a few things from my personal story…

I learned this the hard way myself in my first network marketing company. I recruited only around 30 people personally after 2 looooong years (yes, it took that long… I was new and din’t know what I was doing) which grew to a team of roughly 120 people that yielded a decent business that produced, in average, $2,500 a month. It was NOT the 6 people my upline mentors had suggested. It was 30!

Shortly after that I learned and applied the art and science of online lead generation, and it changed everything.

Today my business (not bHIP Global) brings in as much as $24,700 in monthly income while I work no more than 3 hours per day in my business.

I would like you to take a look at the only system I recommend for generating leads for your business so you can bring in more traffic, leads (i.e. real people) , sales and an exploding team in your bHIP Global business.

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