Mike Filsaime’s Evergreen Business System Review

Evergreen Business System Review – What is it?

So what the heck is Mike Filsaime’s Evergreen Business System?

The Evergreen Business System is a KILLER app that will change how you grow your MLM / Network Marketing business online for the foreseeable future…

It is first and foremost an automated webinar system that keeps all the things that make live webinars effective yet takes away all the negative elements that have some folks throw their hands up in the air… AND packages the system into a sophisticated application that you can run any time of the day from anywhere in the world without paying ridiculous monthly fees!

Mike Filsaime hooked me up with an advanced copy of the software a couple of days ago so I could test drive it.

I gave it a spin, and it’s even better than advertised!

You can watch the replay of the webinar I did on August 2nd that explains the “automated live webinar” approach along with Evergreen Business System‘s crazy features, and a live, click-by-click demo of setting up an actual webinar in the members control panel once you invest in the system –

In summary, Evergreen Business System automated webinars –

  • Behave just like live webinars where the presentation is in “real-time” even if you refresh the webinar page… and there are no play, pause, stop, volume control buttons
  • Give you the ability to hide/show attendee list, set the maximum of attendees and even create a randomized list of names.
  • Give you the ability to enable live chat (just like regular “live” webinars)
  • Allow you to create “delayed” actions like displaying the “Buy Now,” “Add To Cart” or “Become A Member” button.
  • Allow you to use the viral referral feature to get more attendees via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Give you the ability to continue to market your offer on the webinar replay page (automatically set up).

Be sure to click this link here or the image below (Mike still looks like a freaking Panda Bear with those dark circles…) to IMMEDIATELY access the Evergreen Business System.

Evergreen Business System Review

What does this Evergreen Business System Review have to do with me if I’m in a MLM / network marketing business?


The reality is that using webinars and online videos have really helped a lot of folks build their MLM / Network Marketing / Direct Sales (etc.) businesses from literally anywhere in the world!

How would YOU like to be able to

  • Meet people from anywhere in the world
  • Send the qualified and interested prospects to a “live” webinar presentation of your opportunity
  • Join your team right from the webinar broadcast page
  • Collect money in your sleep!

With Evergreen Business System, you can be “showing the plan” exactly at the time you want it to regardless where your prospects are at and the time zone they’re in!

And how about using the system to automatically sponsor people into your downline and automatically recognize who referred the prospects to the webinar so the correct referring teammates are credited as the sponsors!

So, How Much Is Evergreen Business System

The investment for the software is just 1-time $497 payment with LIFETIME upgrades and support at no cost if you order today.

That’s a tiny price to pay for a product that is superior to its competition (all of which with significantly inferior feature sets will cost you at least $900/yr with ongoing monthly fees!).

In addition, think about the hours upon hours of time and effort this tool will save you from having to do the same webinar over and over and over… and the fact that it’s the exact, perfect webinar each time allows you to maximize converting prospects into downlines and customers, every single time.

I’ve started using the Evergreen Business System just as you are because it’s the most feasible and powerful automated webinar solution I could find in the market place today.

Will There Be Bonuses If I Order Through This Evergreen Business System Review Page

You BET!

And here’s what I promise you.

The bonus is RELEVANT to maximizing the Evergreen Business System and actually helping you make more money using it.

No inflated / exaggerated values for the bonuses like a lot of people do.

And this is in addition to the

1. Free lifetime upgrades (must order today)

2. Free lifetime support (must order today) and

3. The Evergreen Product Launch WordPress theme (if you pay in full today instead of choosing the 2-pay option)

Evergreen Business System

I am going to let you “rent” my tech team to FULLY set up your very first automatic “live” webinar campaign using the Evergreen Business System so that it’s 100% turn-key, ready to suck in cash for you and your business.

You will get up to 10 hours of support from my team, which is more than enough to get your first campaign up and running 😉

Send me your receipt and once it’s verified the order was placed through my link, I’ll get my team to contact you ASAP to get you set up!

Click this link –> Evergreen Business System <— to watch bonus training videos and order the Evergreen Business System today.

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  1. Chris says

    It was a very good video as I am interested in this product.
    My question though is what do most other people do to actually produce
    a webinar. Do they use powerpoint and screencast? Do you need camtasia?
    How can it be done effectively without spending an arm and a leg. And can I see an example of your webinar site that you produced?


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