What’s the big deal about My Lead System Pro?

Why I Wrote This My Lead System Pro review

After signing up for My Lead System Pro for the first time about 2 years ago, I gave up on it after 6 months.


Or perhaps more importantly, why am I giving My Lead System Pro a second try?

Is second time really a charm?

What changed in My Lead System Pro?

Or am I the one that had a sudden change of heart?

When I posted a short Facebook update that said I’m giving MLSP a second look, it turned into a bit of an industry-wide controversy…

My Lead System Pro

Whatever the controversy was about… one thing is for sure –

My Lead System Pro is simply a tool and a powerful one, mind you…

So with that said, the question really is… why My Lead System Pro over its competitors?

The following is an unbiased review of My Lead System Pro through my first-hand experienced.

Note that I AM an affiliate of MLSP, but I’m not going sacrifice my integrity over a few dollars of commissions…

So here it is… my no non-sense, raw and uncut review of My Lead System Pro.

My Lead System Pro Review – The First Time Around

I heard the rags-to-riches stories…

Folks going from flat out broke, depressed, pathetic underachievers to seemingly instant success because of My Lead System Pro.

– One leader had $200 in his bank account and turned that into to $150,000 profit in the first six months of using My Lead System Pro!

– Another guy claimed that since using My Lead System Pro he was able to move into the #1 income earner spot of his company, making over $40,000 a month!

Need I go on?

While I trust that the company uses 100% verifiable stats and testimonials, the question I had in my mind was “can an average team mate of mine use this tool to create results?”

More importantly… what’s the overall culture of the My Lead System Pro community?

It is great to have a powerful tool like My Lead System Pro that takes a lot of the technical work for MLM lead generation out of the equation, but any successful leader in the industry will tell you that the culture of a team / community / company direct impacts the duplication, momentum and long term stability of your team.

So after using My Lead System Pro for 6 months, I cancelled my subscription in early 2009.

The reason is that the overall culture of the company was incompatible with the overall culture I’m instilling in my team and system.

There was a much heavier focus on generating leads, affiliate commissions, and this idea of “automatic recruiting” without using the phone.

There was also MAJOR put-down on offline / old-school marketing strategies which, in reality, are still the most effective strategies in our industry to this day!

All that was not “bad” per se… just not something that fits in the way my team and I build our businesses.

My Lead System Pro Review – What’s Happening Now?

What MLSP Still Is –

Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale and Todd Schlomer created My Lead System Pro back in September of 2008 as our industry’s very first, completely generic attraction marketing tool.

It is still just as powerful (if not more) and beautiful tool that helps fellow network marketing leaders like yourself obtain the #1 commodity in our industry –

Fresh, qualified LEADS personally branded to YOU.

Simply put, you –

1) Sign up as My Lead System Pro member

2) Set up the MLSP-powered web pages, add a couple of personal videos and your primary MLM opportunity

3) Send people to those web pages

And outcomes qualified leads, affiliate commissions and new sign-ups in your MLM team.

You’ve probably read a ton of other My Lead System Pro reviews so I won’t bore you with a bunch of technical details.

How MLSP Has Changed –

Phoning your prospects is now highly encouraged.

Offline lead generation methods are taught, and strategically promoted positively for better duplication.

And influx of real MLM leaders that have done it offline and online, bringing a much more balanced approach to doing what really works over time.

Oh, and by “real” MLM leaders I meant people who are actually building teams in their network marketing companies instead of affiliate marketers who treat this industry as just another niche and never focused on developing leaders in their team.

All of the above are the “deal-makers” for why I decided to dive in to My Lead System Pro for the second time.

My Lead System Pro Review – What Does This All Mean To You?

Of all the years I’ve been marketing online, I’ve come to realize the importance of personal branding.

Having your own blog, your customized websites and marketing funnels… over time!

The nature of the Network Marketing / MLM industry attracts people of all backgrounds and skill sets.

While personal branding and bringing your own unique value are still the name of the game, a handy tool like My Lead System Pro will play a part in promoting better duplication in your team, if done right.

After doing this on my own and studying the leaders in My Lead System Pro and other “real” (see definition above) leaders that are using online marketing strategies to build their primary MLM, I humbly suggest you consider the following –

1) Sign up for My Lead System Pro , follow the step-by-step video instructions to set everything up, which takes about 2 hours if you’re a non-technie kind of person.

2) Have your personal blog / website that is 100% unique to you.  This is separate from the MLSP-Powered funnel.

3) Take massive action to drive traffic to both your blog and the MLSP-powered funnel.

4) Teach your teammates who are ready to do the same.

You can maximize the My Lead System Pro this way and still maintain a totally unique brand of your own.

I look forward to reading your thoughts, experiences and and comments about My Lead System Pro below!

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6 thoughts on “What’s the big deal about My Lead System Pro?”

  1. YES, you can use it to generate leads as you can replace the system video and text with your own creation.

    HOWEVER, all the trainings will be in English and webinars are going to be in English, too… so from a duplication standpoint it’s probably NOT ideal.

    If you want to build a simple lead capture system for your business. All you need is a WordPress site + Optimize Press + Aweber. If you’re not sure how this works let me know and I can get you some help.

  2. Thank you Jerry for your promptly response to my questions.

    I really do not know how the WordPress site + Optmize Press + Aweber works.

    I will be glad if you can give me some help.

  3. Hi Jerry,

    I just joined I guess what is an MLM. I have zero experience in this industry and am looking to make it work. My wife and 3 kids are counting on me. If I don’t get this to work, we’ll be homeless in, oh, 2-3 months. I saw the founder of the company I joined give a testimonial about this product. I would like to know more. I have no leads, nothing! I AM determined to make a better way of living for my family. Could you please e-mail me and help me out? If not, I can create a skype account and we can chat that way.
    Thank you,

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