Fernando Ceballos

fernando_ceballos_content Fernando Ceballos is a 2nd generation Mexican-American whom was born and raised in East Los Angeles.

He currently resides in Maywood, Ca. He comes from a very loving family of 6 — Parents: Jose S. Ceballos (deceased) & Maria Z. Ceballos, 2 Sisters: Martha & Alejandra Ceballos; 1 brother: Ramiro Ceballos.

“The evidence that the quality of life comes from who you are being and NOT what you have or don’t have, is the family life when I was a kid. I was a happy child with a wonderful loving family, despite not having much in terms of money or luxuries.”

He holds a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California (USC).

Fernando Ceballos is an alumni of the MIT Fraternity, Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, Beta Upsilon Chapter.

Shortly after going to work in the Defense Industry, Ferny realized that the “rat race” was not for him and quickly made plans for a more meaningful future. After trying out a few ideas, he partnered up with Raymond Fong and started in a network marketing business, which spawned a whirlwind of opportunity and personal growth.

Today, Raymond and Ferny continue growing their network marketing business, while providing internet marketing and SEO training and consulting for home, small and large businesses.

Ferny and Raymond are also the Co-Directors of Marketing for the West Coast Hwa Rang Do ® Headquarters led by Grandmaster Taejoon Lee.

Their clients include:

Magnetic Sponsoring, LLC.
World Hwa Rang Do® Association

To learn more about Ferny, you may visit his blog at http://fernyceballos.com

For more training on internet marketing and SEO, please visit http://seonetworker.com

Fernando Ceballos

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