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jorge-bueno-poseJorge Bueno is an International Speaker and the Author of “The Business Codex,” the secret blueprint to launching and growing a successful business online or offline.

His information has empowered thousands of individuals during live learning events and webinars nationwide. This definitive expert holds your hand through a simple step by step action plan so that you don’t make common mistakes that can cause your business fail or get shut down.

You don’t need extraordinary skills or a tremendous educational background to implement his time tested and proven strategies. His students have raised millions of dollars in capital for their businesses. Jorge saves your business life by using CPR, the ability to Commit, Prepare, & Retain.

You first COMMIT to your success and eliminate subconscious blocks and negative programming that’s keeping you from moving forward and achieving greatness in your life.

Next you PREPARE the wealth foundation so that banks, partners, and governments actually want to do business with you and give you money.

The Final step is where you RETAIN and preserve your wealth so that you have staying power.

You’ll be exposed to techniques that will allow you to grow your wealth and obtain customers and raving fans for life.  This gives you the freedom and that allows you to spend more time with your family and those you care about.

Following the secret blueprint, you can achieve a level of financial freedom that you need in order to travel the world, send your children to the finest private schools and never let your family down. Using Jorge’s action plan, you will live your legacy not just leave it!

Jorge currently resides in Beverly Hills, CA with his lovely lady MaryAnne and his son Dominic.

He leads intensive seminars and workshops throughout the year in the U.S. and internationally.

He loves to sing and even recorded a Mexican Mariachi CD that continues to be played on the radio today.

He is an active Commercial Real Estate Developer and Invests heavily in apartment buildings.   His equity groups currently hold over 3000 apartment units and almost 3 million square feet of office buildings and industrial office parks in Mexico and in Southern California.

You can find out more about Jorge’s teaching at

Jorge Bueno

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